Jing'an District issues coupons with blockchain

Li Qian
People can score discounts for movies and online lessons from a WeChat mini program operated by the Jing'an Culture and Tourism Bureau.
Li Qian

Jing'an District is offering discount coupons for movies, theater performances and online lessons using new blockchain technology.

Residents, employees and students in the district can obtain coupons from a WeChat mini program operated by the Jing’an Culture and Tourism Bureau. The coupons are valued between 5 yuan (73 US cents) and 60 yuan and are sent out daily.

People can use the coupons at the Hubei Movie Theater, the IV Movie Theater, the Majestic Theater, the Malanhua Theater in the China Welfare Institute Children’s Palace, and Shanghai-based online radio platform Ximalaya.

“Besides movies and theater shows, we work with Ximalaya to encourage people to buy online lessons or digital books,” said Chen Hong, director of the bureau. “People are turning to the Internet after the novel coronavirus outbreak, and we are following the trend.”

Blockchain technology is embedded in the mini program which will adjust the number and validity period of coupons based on how people use them.

According to Chen, Jing’an is the first in the city to use blockchain technology in sending out such coupons.

“We hope to deliver intelligent, convenient and high-end cultural services to our people,” she added.

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