Market watchdog exposes recent food safety violators

Hu Min
Outlets of drink vendor Nayuki, restaurant chain Yershari and Freshippo were called out by market regulators for recent violations.
Hu Min

Shanghai's market watchdog has revealed several recent food safety violation cases involving milk tea and beverage franchise Nayuki, Yershari Restaurant and Freshippo on its website.

The Daduhe Road outlet of Nayuki in Putuo District was fined 50,000 yuan (US$7,595) by the district's administration for market regulation after milk tea sold by the shop was found to contain excessive bacteria colonies.

A branch of Freshippo in Jiading District has been fined 30,000 yuan after mantis shrimps sold by the company failed quality test for excessive cadmium.

Long-term intake of foods with excessive cadmium can lead to kidney and bone damage, market regulators warned. 

The Hongkou District outlet of popular Xinjiang restaurant Yershari was given a warning by the district's market watchdog. It was found failing to regularly clean and maintain catering service facilities. 

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