Subdistrict works to improve quality of life

Li Qian
The Jing'ansi Subdistrict has awarded projects in tourism, Chinese medicine, garbage sorting and industry alliances.
Li Qian

Jing’ansi Subdistrict in Jing’an District has awarded 55 projects launched in cooperation with local companies and organizations as to meet local people’s demands and improve their life quality.

The subdistrict has worked with local "red" sites such as the former residence of Liu Changsheng and the former residence of Cai Yuanpei to lead tours for local office workers. Also, it has worked with banks, consultancy firms and law offices to provide one-stop financial and legal services to local companies.

To better serve local residents, the subdistrict has invited medical experts from time-honored Lei Yun Shang TCM pharmacy to offer free consultancy and performers from local troupes to stage free shows in neighborhoods.

Also, led by the subdistrict, local retailers and eateries have formed industry alliances for self-administration. And local residents have formed several volunteer teams to ensure community safety and the implementation of garbage sorting.

Chen Yueming, deputy Party secretary from the subdistrict, said Jing’ansi is both a highly-populated community and a central business area. “We should make both people and companies stay,” he said.

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