University establishes 'scholars' family'

Yang Meiping
Organization was launched for scholars who studied in the US under the CUSPEA program established in 1979 by Tsung-Dao Lee, a Chinese-American physicist and Nobel Prize winner.
Yang Meiping

A China-US Physics Examination and Application (CUSPEA) Family has been established at Shanghai Jiao Tong University to strengthen connections among scholars who had participated in an exchange program.

It’s the world’s first organization for scholars who studied in the US under the CUSPEA program established in 1979 by Tsung-Dao Lee, a Chinese-American physicist who received the Nobel Prize in 1957.

The program selected nearly 1,000 outstanding Chinese students and placed them in US universities for PhDs in physics, biology, and chemistry between 1979 and 1989, enhancing scientific and technological communication between China and the rest of the world and contributing to scientific and technological progress.

Many of the scholars have achieved great success in their careers in China, the US and elsewhere. Twelve academicians of various national academies of sciences, hundreds of scientists, and more than 100 inventors, entrepreneurs and financiers are CUSPEA scholars.

Lee, now 94, said he founded CUSPEA out of his gratitude for being recommended to study in the US when he was young, and because of his wish to help promote science and technology education and talent training in China.

He said previously: “During the 10 years that CUSPEA has been implemented, it is estimated that about one-third of my time was spent on this program. Although it was a heavy burden for me, it is worth it to repay my motherland and teachers who have created opportunities for me.”

CUSPEA scholars and top scientists gathered at Shanghai Jiao Tong University for the founding ceremony at the weekend.

Wang Chuilin, deputy academic director of the China Center of Advanced Science and Technology, delivered a speech on behalf of Lee, who is in the US. Lee expressed his hope that scholars will strengthen contacts and use their professional knowledge to serve their motherland.

He also wrote the nameplate of the new facility.

Lin Zhongqin, the university’s president, said the CUSPEA Family will collect and preserve CUSPEA memories to spread the stories and spirit of its scholars. An interactive platform serving CUSPEA scholars at home and abroad and relevant activities will also come into being to provide scholars and people in the field of science education around the world with comprehensive, professional and personalized services, as well as organize technology and culture activities to enhance connections among CUSPEA scholars.

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