New coordinate system to service development

Hu Min
Shanghai is to implement higher precision system to serve high-level development of the city from next year and replace the current system established in the 1950s.
Hu Min

Shanghai will implement a new coordinate system that features higher precision to serve the high-level development of the city from 2021.

The current coordinate system was established in the 1950s based on the "Beijing 54" coordinate system, which could no longer catch on the development of modern space technology, Zhao Feng, chief engineer of Shanghai Surveying and Mapping Institute, told a press conference on Tuesday. 

The city has established a relatively independent coordinate system based on the China Geodetic Coordinate System 2000, which can satisfy the demand for frequent data updates and high positioning accuracy, said Zhao. 

The system also enables the transfer of various data of Shanghai and of the nation without a loss of accuracy, and it promotes the integration of cross-region and cross-industry data and resource sharing, according to the Shanghai Urban Planning and Natural Resources Bureau. 

It provides a high-precision surveying and mapping service to boost the city's urban construction and economic and social development. 

The use of the new coordinate system will not impact new construction projects, and will influence only a few construction projects in the transition period or those with high requirements for precision, Metro or high-speed railways for instance, said Zhao. 

Shanghai Urban Planning and Natural Resources Bureau said it will provide several coordinate system transfer service methods to ensure smooth transition of the two systems. 

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