Extra train services for New Year travel rush

Hu Min
China Railway Shanghai Group says it expects to see 7.9 million people take the train in Yangtze River Delta region during the upcoming holiday period.
Hu Min

The Yangtze River Delta region could see 7.9 million railway passengers during the upcoming New Year holiday travel rush and train services will be increased to satisfy demand, China Railway Shanghai Group announced on Tuesday. 

The railway travel peak of the holiday will last four days from Thursday, with highs on the second and fourth days, the group said. 

Newly opened railways such as Shanghai-Suzhou-Nantong and Yancheng-Nantong high-speed railways are expected to boost tourist traffic, the group said. 

Extra train services between Shanghai and Nantong railway stations, Shanghai Hongqiao and Guangzhou South railway stations, Shanghai Hongqiao and Zhuhai railway stations, and from Shanghai to Lianyungang, Xuzhou, Huai'an, Suqian and Nanjing directions will operate, the group said. 

Passengers must wear masks during their trips and cooperate with temperature and health QR code checks.

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