Fudan student's life-saving cells donation

Tian Shengjie
Wang Yixiu became Shandong Province's first stem cells donor this year to save the life of a child with leukemia in Qingdao. 
Tian Shengjie
Fudan students life-saving cells donation
Ti Gong

Wang Yixiu of the Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center after his stem cells donation

A PhD student from Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center donated stem cells in Qingdao in Shandong Province on Monday to save a child with leukemia.

Wang Yixiu is the province’s first donor this year and China's 10,705th since donations began.

The 29-year-old has been a volunteer with a blood donation team of the Red Cross Society and donated blood many times since 2012. He became a member of the China Marrow Donor Program the same year.

In May last year, Wang got a call from the Red Cross about a successful stem cells match.

He traveled to Shandong on January 6. Before the donation, he underwent a physical examination and was injected with stem cell mobilizers to promote the cells' growth.

A letter from the child read: “Thank you for your kindness. You give me a second chance at life and help me get rid of the painful illness. I can play my violin again.”

Wang said: “It is lucky that my stem cells can match with the patient’s and may save a life. As a medical student, I will use my professional knowledge to save more lives in the future.”

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