Spring visit to Pudong's villages is a peach of an idea

Li Qian
Nanhui Peach Blossom Village is holding a peach blossom festival with treats including pastries and wines as well as flower-themed souvenirs.
Li Qian
Spring visit to Pudongs villages is a peach of an idea
Jiang Xiaowei / SHINE

People in Han clothes walk through the peach blossom.

Spring visit to Pudongs villages is a peach of an idea
Jiang Xiaowei / SHINE

Peach blossom at Nanhui Peach Blossom Village.

What better spring break than a floral excursion?

Pudong’s outlying area of Nanhui is an ideal destination as Nanhui Peach Blossom Village, on 289 Beimen Road in Huinan Town, is holding a peach blossom festival.

On Friday’s opening day, performers wearing traditional Han clothes danced in white-and-pink clouds created by lush peach blossom.

Peach flower treats including pastries and wines as well as flower-themed souvenirs including bookmarks and brooches were available.

Eighteen of Pudong’s intangible cultural heritages were on display, from traditional skills such as embroidery, stone carving and paper cutting, to countryside delicacies such as Xiasha shaomai (steamed dumpling), Gaoqiao songbing (crunchy cake) and Longtan jiuniang (sweet fermented glutinous rice).

The festival will be held in the village through April 6.

Real-time ticket booking is required, and tickets are available on various platforms including Trip and Meituan. The admission fee for adults is 47 yuan (US$7.2).

Pudong also has designed five routes for spring outings and flower appreciation allowing people to take strolls in its beautiful backyards, and experience heritage-listed handworks.

After enjoying peach blossom, people are recommended to the Haishen Village in Huinan Town for a stunning sea of yellow cole flowers. There, they can ride through farmlands, pick fresh strawberries and put on Han clothes to take pictures.

In Laogang Town, there’s a grand lawn for people to have picnics and go camping, and alongside there are entertainment facilities for children. Folk art exhibitions, dragon and lion dancing performances, pear blossom appreciation and vegetable picking are on offer.

In Zhoupu Town, Jiebang Village features a peach forest covering an area equivalent to the size of 93 soccer fields, while the Zhoupu Flower Sea botanical garden features an array of vibrant colors in four seasons.

Xinnan Village in Xinchang Town is another great peach blossom appreciation spot. People can sit in a sea of flowers and enjoy music concerts. Then, they can go to the town’s newly-opened museum to learn its centuries-old history and the newly-renovated No. 1 Teahouse to have an immersive tour of “Red” culture.

Datuan Town offers minsu (Chinese version of B&B), providing authentic experience of country life. People can enjoy peach blossom in Zhaoqiao Village, bless their beloved in the Dinghui Buddhist nunnery and have rural-style dinner at local residents’ homes.

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