Shanghai through American Owen Messick's eyes

Wang Qingchu
Expat who was granted permanent residence in 2019 says the city's international import expos have been of immense benefit to his essential oils business.
Wang Qingchu

The 35th episode of “Shanghai Through Our Eyes” features American expat Owen K Messick, president of doTERRA China.

Messick, who has been in China for 30 years, received his permanent resident card in 2019, making him feel more connected to the country.

Messick’s company, which mainly sells essential oils, has benefited from participation in the China International Import Expo.

“We really weren’t sure what the impact would be when it first started,” said Messick. “We had a very small booth but we had a very positive experience. The next year we expanded from nine square meters to over 100 square meters. The third year we expanded again. The impact has been really positive in terms of getting our brand more aware.”

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