Police nab illegal e-biker on elevated road

Chen Huizhi
A 26-year-old man refitted his e-bike and illegally rode it onto the Middle Ring Road even though electric bikes are banned from the city's elevated roads.
Chen Huizhi
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A 26-year-old man has been detained for riding a refitted e-bike on an elevated road, Shanghai police said on Wednesday.

Traffic police in the Pudong New Area started their investigation after someone uploaded a video on the Internet last week showing a man riding his e-bike at high speed on a section of the Middle Ring Road in the new area.

E-bikes are banned from the city's elevated roads.

Through their investigation, police found that the man surnamed Tang rode his e-bike from the Shangzhong Road Tunnel to the Pudong part of the Middle Ring Road at 5:09pm last Saturday and entered Yangpu District via the Jungong Road Tunnel at 5:30pm.

This means that he covered 27 kilometers within 21 minutes, with an average speed of about 80 kilometers per hour, which exceeds that of normal e-bikes.

Tang was caught on Wednesday evening.

The e-bike he used in the traffic offense was refitted to such an extent that it could pass muster as a motorcycle, but Tang didn't have a driving license for that category of vehicles, police revealed.

Tang will be detained for 15 days and has been fined 1,500 yuan (US$231).

No accident was caused when he was riding on the elevated road, police said.

Police nab illegal e-biker on elevated road
Ti Gong

The e-biker, surnamed Tang, is questioned by police after he was caught riding on an elevated road.

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