One-stop pet registration a click away in Minhang

Chen Huizhi
Pet registration has become easier for residents of Minhang District with a new function in the "Suishenban" app.
Chen Huizhi

Residents in Minhang District are now able to register their pets and make a reservation for pet vaccinations on a mobile app, district police said on Tuesday.

After registering and making an appointment online, people need only to vaccinate their pets at designated clinics where the pets have been registered.

This saves owners the trouble of going to the police station for pet registration.

People can choose from 26 pet clinics in the district which cover all subdistricts and towns. Also, they can have the pet registration and vaccination certificates mailed to them afterward instead of going to the clinics in person to retrieve them.

The online service is held on the "Suishenban" app, but the application is available only in Chinese. People can pay fees directly in the app.

The district introduced a website portal for the service in October last year, but it's not yet popular among residents who find paying online a bit difficult, police said.

Minhang is the first district in Shanghai to provide this service.

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