Fragrant air as sweet-scented osmanthus blooms in Shanghai

Hu Min
The air is currently permeated with the fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus after the flowers began blooming in Shanghai from Tuesday, 63 days later than last year.
Hu Min

The city air is permeated with the fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus as the flowers bloom in Shanghai.

They began flowering from Tuesday as recorded by the Shanghai Botanical Garden in Xuhui District, the latest the flower has blossomed in a decade and 63 days later than last year, the garden said on Wednesday.

Sweet-scented osmanthus usually starts flowering between late August and early September in the city, according to Wang Yuqin, a botanist at the garden.

However, the high temperatures this year delayed their flowering, he revealed.

Abundant sweet-scented osmanthus have flowered at present and their color is deeper compared with previous years due to the late blossoming, Wang said.

The flower's appreciation period will last until around the National Day holiday at the beginning of October, and the timing of another wave of flowering is not yet known, according to Wang.

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