No blackout but planned outage set for Shanghai

Zhu Yuting
There is no imminent threat of a widespread blackout in Shanghai, with the State Power Shanghai Company insisting that its social media post talked about a planned outage.
Zhu Yuting

Local power utility has scoffed at claims of a widespread blackout in Shanghai, insisting on Monday that no such massive power cuts are imminent.

State Power Shanghai Company said that a post spread on Chinese social media platforms about a blackout in Shanghai from September 27 to October 3 is a planned power outage announcement and nothing to do with blackouts.

Planned outage is a routine work of the power department, with the main purpose of carrying out daily maintenance of equipment, according to the conditional explanation posted by the company on its official account on the Twitter-like social media platform Weibo.

Currently, the overall power supply in Shanghai is stable and reliable, and it is able to meet the demand of both residents and enterprises, according to the firm.

Nationwide, some places in northeast China have faced electricity shortages in recent days due to energy-saving needs.

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