Attractions and activities abound in Shanghai for those in town during holiday

Hu Min
For those who want to eschew travel during the upcoming National Day holiday, Shanghai's tourist attractions and parks have cooked up a feast of activities.
Hu Min

For those who want to eschew travel during the upcoming National Day holiday starting from October 1, Shanghai's tourist attractions and parks have cooked up a feast of activities.

More than 60 activities will be held across the city during the holiday for residents and tourists, the Shanghai Administration of Culture and Tourism said on Wednesday.

A music party will be held at Sinan Mansions throughout the holiday.

The Fuxing Art Festival has begun at the Hengfu (Hengshan-Fuxing Road) Historical and Cultural Area and will continue through October 7.

With musical and architectural themes, it features street jazz music, music-themed walking tours, and excursions in search of the Fuxing Cat, the statuesque mascot of the Fuxing Art Festival. People are also invited to paint the cat to add color.

Shanghai Daguanyuan (Grandview Garden) will stage traditional Chinese opera performances.

People are able to taste xiaolong, small steamed buns known for their tasty pork filling, and tour a xiaolong cultural exhibition at the Nanxiang scenic area.

A temple fair and a Chinese-style animated music festival are some of the activities.

The Zhujiajiao Watertown Music Festival will take place between October 5 and 7.

On the 119th floor observatory in Shanghai Tower, art shows will be held during the first three days of the holiday.

Street dance competitions and magic shows will bring joy to visitors at Shanghai Happy Valley during the holiday.

The Shanghai Cheongsam Culture Art Festival will blend traditional and modern fashion at Shanghai Film Park.

An autumn flower exhibition is underway at Pujiang Countryside Park, while the Sheshan Forest Tourism Festival has begun as well.

Chongming National Forest Park will be the host venue of an autumn forest music, barbecue, and camping festival between October 2 and 4.

The Chenshan Botanical Garden has been transformed into a sea of sunflowers. It will host 14 musical opera performances during the holiday. These include instrumental music, musical plays, and operas, and some are tailored for children.

Several concerts will be staged at the garden between October 1 and 4 with yoga and meditation included. The musical event also features greenhouse concerts from October 1 to 5. A Yangtze River Delta camping festival will be held as well.

Street performances will be held at Baixi Park.

A fishing culture festival will be featured at Jinshanzui Fishing Village, and visitors are invited to learn how to weave fishing nets and make lanterns. They can stay at local fishermen's homes.

A water curtain light show will illuminate the sky at Haichang Ocean Park. A show detailing hanfu, the traditional clothing of Han Chinese people, and an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) performance are also scheduled.

Landscape lights will be turned on at major scenic areas, architecture and along water areas in the city between 6pm and 11pm from September 30 to October 7.

But there is no light show on the Bund during the holiday.

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