First emergency drill held for CIIE in Shanghai

Chen Huizhi
Participants were trained to deal with various emergency situations that might happen in and around the venue of the China International Import Expo.
Chen Huizhi
Shot by Dong Jun. Edited by Dong Jun.

The first drill on tackling emergency situations for the upcoming fourth China International Import Expo was held on Wednesday.

More than 500 personnel underwent training on how to be prepared for situations where a passenger who takes a bus to the site of the expo or a bus driver has high body temperatures or someone inside the expo venue tests positive for COVID-19.

Dozens of buses and taxis were involved in the drill. When a positive case is discovered, the close contacts of the infected person are also transported away.

Some of the exercise involved Metro Line 2. For instance, if the subway line has technical problems and can't pull into the East Xujing Station, the Metro station closest to the expo venue, the National Exhibition and Convention Center, in suburban Qingpu District.

In this case, Metro police, firefighters and Metro staff help rescue and evacuate the passengers.

The major part of the drill was held on the P5 parking lot of the site of the expo, which will be held from November 5 to 10.

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