Experts brainstorm rural revitalization at forum

Hu Min
A boost to rural revitalization was delivered at the ongoing 4th China International Import Expo.
Hu Min

A boost to rural revitalization was delivered at the ongoing 4th China International Import Expo.

The 2021 International Cooperation Forum in Culture and Tourism Industries, themed on "The Global Practice of Culture Industry Empowering Rural Revitalization," was held on Saturday.

Experts from home and abroad brainstormed successful cases, practices and experiences in rural revitalization via offline and online platforms.

By 2022, Shanghai will establish more than 90 rural revitalization demonstration villages where people are able to experience the typical flavor of Jiangnan (regions south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River), said Jin Lei, deputy director of the Shanghai Administration of Culture and Tourism, at the forum.

"By 2025, Shanghai's countryside layout featuring diversified functions, integrated development of industries, sound infrastructure and public services, pleasant rural landscape, and affluent rural lives will be formed," said Jin.

Experts brainstorm rural revitalization at forum
Ti Gong

The forum aims to promote the development of rural tourism.

"Shanghai will spare no efforts in creating beautiful, ecological and liveable rural environments and promote the restoration of natural scenery and rural landscape," he added.

Shanghai has 31 villages listed as "China's beautiful leisure village" and 40 rural A-level tourist attractions.

In addition, 47 rural tourism scenic area have been listed as the first batch of the city's "leisure getaway."

Cultural and tourist villages with Shanghai's unique features are being developed in the city, according to Jin.

Xiang Yong, deputy director of the Institute for Cultural Industries of Peking University, added: "The core driving power of rural revitalization lies in cultural revitalization. Introducing art into rural cultural innovation will stimulate rural economy."

At Xikou Village of Mingshuihe Town in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, wall painting art is presented, animated tourism ambassadors have been designed, and rural tourism is developed, making it a good example of empowering tourism with a cultural approach, the forum heard.

Han Zhenqi, director of ATEC's China Office taking charge of Spain's tourism promotion in China, shared the practices of Spain's wine tourist development based on the example of Rioja known for its winery, which has become an attractive wine-themed tourist destination.

"The expo offers a good opportunity to display wine from Rioja and it creates a platform for cultural and tourist exchanges," said Han.

The forum is co-hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the National Base for International Culture Trade (Shanghai).

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