Get ready for yet another heatwave to hit the city

Zhu Yuting
Temperatures are expected to top 39 degrees Celsius from Saturday through Monday.
Zhu Yuting
Get ready for yet another heatwave to hit the city
Jiang Xiaowei / SHINE

Residents cool themselves by getting into water in Songjiang District's Playa Maya Water Park.

Shanghai is bracing for yet another scorching heatwave over the next 10 days.

The mercury is predicted to soar to more than 37 degrees Celsius on Friday, and top 39 degrees from Saturday to next Monday, according to the local weather authorities.

The sizzling weather is being caused by a subtropical high pressure system, which moved north when this year's fifth typhoon, Songda, was approaching and is back to hit the city and most of southern China.

Monday's high touched 36 degrees – this year's 27th high-temperature day of more than 35 degrees.

The city has experienced three rounds of extreme heat this summer with the mercury topping 40.

This year's highest temperature matched the hottest-day on record in 2017, which was the highest since Shanghai officially began recording temperatures in 1873.

Afternoon showers and lightning will accompany the heatwave.

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