Medical staff, volunteers among those punished for pandemic-related crimes

Zhu Yuting
Shanghai police have caught and punished some medical staff, volunteers, and community workers for pandemic-related crimes, including standing in for others for PCR tests.
Zhu Yuting
Medical staff, volunteers among those punished for pandemic-related crimes
Ti Gong

A woman is arrested by Shanghai police for crime related to pandemic control and prevention.

The Shanghai Public Security Bureau reported on Monday that it had discovered that medical personnel, volunteers, and community workers had been assisting others in taking polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests illegally.

On October 3, Chongming District police officers penalized part-time PCR sample-taking worker Huang and his coworker, a housekeeping worker named Lu. It was found that Huang had illegally done the PCR test for Lu.

Lu sent his PCR-test code to Huang on September 27. As a sample collector, Huang scanned Lu's code, inserted an unused cotton swab into the tube, and then took Lu's sample.

Both of them received administrative sanctions.

In Putuo, a nanny put on a raincoat and dressed up as her employer, and performed two tests at a PCR testing site.

The medical staff at the scene noticed that she was acting strangely and reported it to authorities. The nanny and her employer were also handed administrative punishments.

In Minhang, police discovered that on September 21, a volunteer in a residential complex stood for three others for PCR tests.

By September end, the Shanghai police had apprehended over 80 people for PCR-related fraud.

Aside from forging PCR tests, some people also engaged in telecom and online scams by impersonating epidemiological investigators or other pandemic control staffers in calls, messages, and emails.

Hongkou District police detained four people for allegedly producing 9 million fake medical masks.

More than 120 people have been punished by Shanghai police in over 80 cases for crimes related to the pandemic. They have also intensified their efforts to deal with crimes related to pandemic control and prevention, and have urged residents to be vigilant.

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