Shanghai's traffic analysis platform gets data move to assist parking services

Zhu Yuting
Suishenxing, an app assessing and analyzing Shanghai's traffic and transport data, looks into future applications from self-driving cars to parking lots.
Zhu Yuting
Shanghai's traffic analysis platform gets data move to assist parking services
Ti Gong

Suishenxing made its first data deal on Shanghai's parking information on Friday's Global Data Ecosystem Conference 2022.

Traffic data in Shanghai are now traded on the city's data exchange, and its first deal was completed at the Global Data Ecosystem Conference 2022 on Friday to assist the city's parking services.

The data are managed by the official transportation mobile platform, Suishenxing, initiated by the city's government, and operated by a state-owned company, Shanghai Mobility Service Technology Co Ltd.

The Suishenxing app is able to analyze public parking data generated by its software MaaS (Mobility Service System) after an in-depth scan with targeted algorithms.

It can not only analyze the operation of the city's public traffic data, but also carry out market-oriented operations through the research and development of data products, and supply data services including parking.

As the first city-level data product, which covers all of the parking information in Shanghai, it loads data in an "accurate, complete and efficient" manner, designed to solve management issues for parking lot operators, and enhance the parking experience of users.

In addition, the product can also guide the selection of parking depots, effectively improving the utilization rate of parking spaces, solve the unbalance between supply and demand of parking.

The product has also been listed in the Shanghai Data Exchange.

More possibilities

In the future, self-driving vehicles are expected to guide themselves to parking lots after being connected to the data provided by MaaS, according to officials from the company.

"We will further expand our services from Shanghai to the Yangtze River Delta region, and develop more high-quality digital products," said Tang Shao, general manager with the company.

Suishenxing has realized its basic functions, including public transportation, taxi hailing and smart parking.

Through its public transportation service, users can enjoy a swipe-for-all pass that includes all codes needed to take public transport. It can now be applied to Shanghai's 1,560 bus lines, 17 ferry lines, and 11 Metro lines after registering and opening the payment feature on MaaS.

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