NPC deputy calls for enhanced vocational training for skilled talent

Zhu Yuting
Shi Yancai, a newly appointed deputy for China's National People's Congress, recommends greater development of technical talent, through increased and specific vocational training.
Zhu Yuting
NPC deputy calls for enhanced vocational training for skilled talent
Zhu Yuting / SHINE

Shi Yancai, a deputy of China's National People's Congress, puts on his card before heading to Beijing.

A deputy of China's National People's Congress, the country's legislature, calls for making good use of highly skilled talent amid the ongoing Two Sessions.

Shi Yancai, a front-line welder of the China National Nuclear Corporation, is a newly elected deputy of the 14th NPC.

He felt that the country's manufacturing industry is constantly developing, and the demand for high-quality and skilled workers is extremely urgent.

"At present, mainstream values appreciate academic qualifications more than practical skills," he said. "Becoming a skilled worker is not attractive to young people."

Shi was born in a poverty-stricken county in China's northwest Qinghai Province and was a shepherded boy when he was young.

He became a welder in the nuclear industry in 2008, when the country issued education-support polices focusing on promoting the industry.

"It's because of the policy, my family's living standard has been greatly improved," he said.

He suggested to form systematic measures for skill-based talent training, aiming to accurately integrate vocational education and enterprise needs.

At the same time, a part-time lecturer system for highly skilled talent was also proposed, to make full use of their rich practical experience.

He said that relevant policies are needed and should be optimized soon, and the training of skilled personnel could be considered an indicator for evaluation on the government's work.

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