13 proposals, 117 suggestions from Shanghai delegation to NPC

Zhu Yuting
From economic development to urbanization and social welfare, the Shanghai delegation to the National People's Congress suggests new proposals for greater development.
Zhu Yuting

Focusing on economic development, urban construction, opening-up, social governance, livelihood, democracy and the rule of law, Shanghai delegation to the National People's Congress, China's legislature, put forward 13 proposals and 117 suggestions amid the ongoing Two Sessions.

Liu Shijun, spokesman of the Shanghai delegation, delivered a summary speech during a press conference on Friday.

The delegation includes 57 deputies from all walks of life, including front-line workers, professors, professionals in different fields, doctors, teachers as well as journalists.

Many prepared suggestions based on their own experiences, eying broader developments.

On economic performance, they proposed to enact a law on financial security, and amend the law on enterprise bankruptcy, according to Liu.

Focusing on deepening international economic and trade cooperation, Shanghai deputies proposed to amend laws on foreign trade and suggested giving full play to the advantages of overseas Chinese lawyers to improve the competitiveness of "going-out."

They also called for boosting the construction and opening-up of Shanghai's free trade zone.

On improving the livelihood of residents, they suggested optimizing the elderly insurance and pension system, while paying more attention to health issues for children, such as myopia among teenagers.

There are also suggestions and proposals for improvements on scientific and technological innovation, digital economy, reform of financial systems as well as educational fairness and health promotion.

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