Shanghai campuses reopen to general public

Yang Meiping
Campuses of major universities have reopened to the general public. Previously, they were only open to students, faculty, alumni and invited guests.
Yang Meiping
Shanghai campuses reopen to general public

A notice at an entrance to Fudan University announces the reopening with the QR code for registration.

Campuses of major universities in Shanghai have reopened to the general public. Previously, they were only open to students, faculty, alumni and invited guests.

Shanghai Daily has learnt that at Fudan University people can register on its e-campus WeChat account "iFudan" for entry into any of its Handan, Jiangwan, Fenglin and Zhangjiang campuses.

Notices have been put up at the main gates of each campus, where visitors can scan QR codes to the WeChat account.

Visitors need to input their name, identity certificate number (passport number if you are an expat), mobile phone number, and can select the date and the campus to visit. Visitors can also register with four companions, which is convenient for seniors and children without smartphones.

Shanghai campuses reopen to general public

Scan the QR codes at the university gate to register for entry.

After completing the registration, they can have their ID checked by the university's security guard at the gate.

The notices also state that visit time ranges from 6am to 10pm.

The registration is valid only on selected day, and those who need to apply for multiple-day entry will have to submit applications via its eHall platform, which is also on the WeChat account.

The university has not opened its entry registration for vehicles yet. People who need to drive into the campus due to work can submit applications on eHall.

For more information, visitors can call 6564-8689 or 6564-3207.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University has taken similar measures, including the launch of a registration system for temporary visitors. Notices with QR codes have also been erected at gates for visitors to scan and complete registration.

Tongji University and East China Normal University both allow visitors to just have their ID card or passport scanned at the gate for entry.

Some other universities, including Shanghai Normal University and East China University of Science and Technology, have also started to use ID card to enter campus directly.

The latest news delighted many people, and some commented on Weibo that they have longed for the reopening of the university campuses and will visit soon to enjoy the pleasant environment and sports facilities.

A man living near Tongji University told Shanghai Daily that he's full of joy. He visited Tongji University on Friday and swam in its pool after learning of its reopening on Wednesday, as he usually did three years ago.

But some students also expressed their worries, saying that they had been disturbed during class when parents and children visited campus. And some nearby residents had brought their pets in, which created a nuisance.

The universities reminded visitors that they should not disturb students and faculty's study, life and work, while pets and camping are banned on campus. Cultural, sports and commercial activities are not allowed without approval. Violators will have their entry permission revoked.

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