Police resolve dead body found in dumpster

Zhu Yuting
Police in Songjiang were alerted to a dead body found in a dumpster of a residential complex. It was found that the man had died of alcohol poisoning, from excessive drinking.
Zhu Yuting
Police resolve dead body found in dumpster
Ti Gong

Songjiang police check the garbage station where the body was found.

A man's body was found at a garbage station at a residential complex in Shanghai's suburban Songjiang District in May, the Shanghai police unveiled on Wednesday.

The body, covered in a quilt and with a strong smell of alcohol, was found by a local female resident surnamed Wang on May 12, while she was walking her dog. She reported the case to the police.

After investigation, police officers found that the dead man was disposed by a 65-year-old man who lives in the complex, his name is Yang Baofu. He was seen taking a quilt, the same as the one which wrapped the body, the surveillance video of the complex showed.

After being apprehended, Yang confessed that he disposed of the man's body, whose name was Zhou Pujian. But he denied killing him.

Yang told the police that Zhou visited him that day and died after heavy drinking. He was so afraid of being responsible for Zhou's death that he disposed of the body in the garbage station.

According to the forensic examination, Zhou was confirmed to have died from alcohol poisoning.

Currently, Yang was put under criminal custody by Songjiang police for the alleged crime of insulting the corpse.

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