China Time-honored Brands Expo brings classic brands with a new look

Wang Yanlin
At this year's China Time-honored Brands Expo, people can expect classic brands with a modern look for the modern market.
Wang Yanlin

China's Time-honored brands aren't just marked by history, but also innovation, value and fashion.

At this year's China Time-honored Brands Expo, visitors will experience over 368 national brands, showcasing their signature "new" products at the iconic Shanghai Exhibition Center.

From candies, snacks, to soaps, creams, pens and bikes, almost every brand boasts a history of over a century.

At the expo, many brands have revamped themselves for the modern market, appealing to both old and new patrons with cross-over marketing and livestreaming, as well as a number of innovative approaches.

"The products remind me of my childhood, but they have taken on surprising looks," said a visitor surnamed Wang at the expo. "We should really give them a new shot."

Edited by Wang Yanlin.

If you go:

Time: 10am-4pm until September 24

Venue: Hall E1, Shanghai Exhibition Center

Address: No 1000 Yan'an Road M. 延安中路1000号

Ticket: Free

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