Shanghai and Tokyo share insight on urban management at recent symposium

Zhu Yuting
The "Shanghai-Tokyo" Sino-Japanese Urban Management Symposium was held on Sunday, providing a platform for communication and development between large cities in both countries.
Zhu Yuting

"Getting younger" and digitalization are key themes in the urban management between Shanghai and large cities in Japan (Tokyo and Osaka), according to the 2023 "Shanghai-Tokyo" Sino-Japanese Urban Delicacy Management Symposium.

More than 100 representatives from government, institutions, relevant departments, industry associations, universities, and enterprises in the field of urban management in Shanghai, Tokyo, and Osaka attended the event, and contributed ideas on how to boost urban management in international cities in China and Japan.

They also made efforts to promote the cooperation among international cities in the two countries.

Discussions focusing on topics such as promoting "environmental quality improvement in key regions," "underground space construction," and "rejuvenation of infrastructure in different sections" among Chinese and Japanese cities, were delivered during the event.

Shanghai and Tokyo share insight on urban management at recent symposium
Ti Gong

The 2023 "Shanghai-Tokyo" Sino-Japanese Urban Delicacy Management Symposium was held in Shanghai on Sunday, World Cities Day.

Deputy Secretary General of Shanghai Wang Weiren pointed out that, although Shanghai and the two Japanese cities, Tokyo and Osaka, face different situations and problems in urban management, they share common concepts such as being "people-oriented" and "digital," with a "coordinated governance of the whole society" in their work in urban management.

"When the construction of a city reaches a certain stage, and our economy, society, culture, and ecology develop to a certain extent, the requirements for refined urban management become more significant," Wang stressed in his speech at Sunday's symposium.

"It's necessary for the three cities to learn from each other to achieve more consensus."

"I hope that through the discussion, we can strengthen practical cooperation between Japan and China, and more effective economic exchanges between relevant cities in the two countries in the future, so as to achieve a great-leap-forward in development," said, Keiichi Takenaka, deputy consul general of the Consulate-General of Japan in Shanghai.

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