Traffic restrictions implemented for safe travel around downtown Julu Road

Wang Xiang
To manage high passenger volumes and ensure safety on the area around Julu Road. Traffic restriction will be placed around the area.
Wang Xiang

To ensure safety for commuters and residents on the area around Julu Road, traffic restriction will be placed, according to the city's traffic authorities.

Metro: From 4pm to 7pm, Huaihai Middle Road Station (Line 13) will have one-way access (Entrance 1 for entry, Exit 3 for exit).

After 7pm, the station will be closed. Crowd control measures may be implemented based on the situation.

Bus: Starting from 7pm, bus routes 26 and 94 will operate on shortened routes while Routes 24, 41, 104, 301, and 955 will take a detour to avoid the Julu Road area.

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