Musicians and doctors advocate music therapy to address mental health challenges

Cai Wenjun
Local musicians and psychologists joined a livestreaming session to promote music therapy for the treatment of mental health and psychological disorders.
Cai Wenjun

Local musicians and psychologists appeared on a livestreaming program on Thursday to promote a combination of medicine and music therapy for the treatment of mental health and psychological disorders.

At the China International Import Expo, pianist Kong Xiangdong and erhu (a Chinese two-stringed instrument) player Ma Xiaohui collaborated with medical specialists from Shanghai Mental Health Center to share their experiences and promote mental health education.

Kong, who suffered from depression for eight years, claimed that professional care and music helped him recover.

"After recovering from depression, I have dedicated myself to health promotion activities through music, which can spread care and love," he said on the show.

Niu Xiaona, a psychological therapist at Shanghai Mental Health Center, said music can provide people with power and support. It has played an essential role in medical and psychiatric treatment, with favorable clinical outcomes.

"Music can lower blood pressure, slow down breath and heartbeat, and even reduce pain, while also providing a door for people to express themselves and release emotions," she said.

"Therapists can use music's powerful influence to help people improve their emotions and change their perceptions. Music therapy is a systematic intervention procedure in which therapists employ various forms of music experience to assist people in achieving their objective of being positive and joyful."

Doctors employ music therapy in clinical practice and research for children with autism, down syndrome, and developmental delays.

Shanghai Health Commission and Shanghai United Media Group will host 80 livestreaming events with medical experts, health officials, professionals, and healthcare industry insiders to promote health education and awareness during the CIIE.

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