Subdistrict, industry zone launch community program

Yang Meiping
The program, launched by Hongmei Subdistrict and the Caohejing Development Zone in Xuhui District, aims to strengthen connections between communities, schools and businesses
Yang Meiping

With the city's vision to create a study-oriented society, Hongmei Subdistrict and the Caohejing Development Zone in Xuhui District have launched a program to strengthen the connections between local communities, schools and businesses.

At the program launch ceremony on Tuesday, a speech was delivered by Wang Minzheng, principal of the Shanghai South-west Model Middle School, explaining educational policies, education tips for different subjects, and family education methods to parents who are employees of enterprises in the zone.

More educators will be invited to share their knowledge and wisdom in the future under the program.

The community and local schools have also signed an agreement with representative enterprises from the metaverse, integrated circuit, low-carbon, and life and health sectors to bring technologies featured in the industrial zone into school campuses as extracurricula activities for students.

More services and activities, such as baby-care facilities, city walks, parents' clubs, sports games, charity events, and even participation in community development planning will be organized.

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