Fengxian eyes talent with global perspectives

Yang Jian
Fengxian District has launched a global recruitment drive to attract scientists, professionals and young elites.
Yang Jian
Fengxian eyes talent with global perspectives
Ti Gong

The "Talent & Intelligence Attraction Season" at Fengxian District.

Fengxian District launched a talent recruitment drive on Thursday for scientists, professionals and young elites.

The district announced the drive for the "Talent & Intelligence Attraction Season," with 1,209 positions to be filled by 3,106 talented individuals.

"The district seeks to become a hub for talent innovation and value realization," said Wang Yiqun, the director of Fengxian. The meeting was livestreamed to over 3.61 million viewers globally.

The job openings target experienced professionals and university graduates under 45 years of age with bachelor's degrees or higher. These positions offer annual salaries of up to 1.5 million yuan (US$206,954).

A series of talent-focused events for 2024 was also launched, including selecting global partners for talent attraction, promoting talent policies, and hosting a global innovation and entrepreneurship competition.

Fengxian's "Oriental Beauty Valley" is gaining global recognition and aspiring to become a world-renowned hub for cosmetics, Wang said.

The district is also evolving into a digital international industrial district, which houses nearly 1,800 high-tech companies.

The district's comprehensive talent development policy series focuses on innovation, entrepreneurship, and key industries such as biomedicine, the digital economy, cultural creativity, and rural revitalization. It aims to offer a "one-stop" service for diverse talent needs, according to the Fengxian government.

Facilitating easy settlement for talent, the district has introduced rent subsidies, property rent exemptions, talent apartments, and the "Fengxian Joyful Residence" information service platform, enabling talent to settle down easily, the government said.

"Over the past five years, Shanghai RAAS Blood Products Co has attracted over 70 high-quality talent of various educational levels, significantly boosting the company's growth," said Liu You, assistant general manager and HR director of the company.

"Fengxian has proven to be a worthy place for talent to grow," Liu said.

Candidates can access recruitment notices and apply through platforms, including the website "Gathering Global Talents in Shanghai" (www.sotsw.cn), Shanghai International Talent (sh-italent.cn), 51job.com and Shanghai Fengxian (fengxian.gov.cn).

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