Wet weather returns as winter approaches

Zhu Yuting
After the warmest December 8 recorded in the past 45 years of 21.2 degrees city forecasters predict an end to the current dry conditions at the weekend and a fall in temperatures.
Zhu Yuting
Wet weather returns as winter approaches

Residents in Shanghai dance and shoot videos under the golden ginkgo trees amid the lovely autumn weather.

Starting from Saturday, Shanghai will see an end to the dry weather and embrace a wet week, while Friday recorded the warmest December 8 in past 45 years.

The city's weather benchmark Xujiahui Weather Station recorded Friday's high temperature at 21.2 degree Celsius.

Showers and drizzles are forecast to hit the city this weekend with temperatures ranging between 14 and 20 degrees. Wet conditions are expected to remain to next weekend.

However, the warm weather will be interrupted on Tuesday with the arrival of a weak cold spell. Temperatures are forecast to drop between 7 and 11 degrees.

The high will recover to between 17 and 20 degrees with lows between 8 and 14 degrees on Wednesday to Friday before a strong cold front arrives next weekend.

The temperature is forecast to see a sharp drop to 2 to 6 degrees during the second cold front, when the city is expected to enter meteorological winter.

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