Shanghai accepts payments from AlipayHK app

Zhu Yile
Hong Kong travelers can use the AlipayHK app to pay in Hong Kong dollars for transportation services in Shanghai.
Zhu Yile
Shanghai accepts payments from AlipayHK app

The "Hong Kong version of Alipay," the AlipayHK app, introduced the "Shanghai Public Transportation QR code" service on February 6.

Visitors from Hong Kong can now use the AlipayHK app on Shanghai's buses, ferries, Songjiang trams, and Jinshan Railway and pay fares directly in Hong Kong dollars.

They can also benefit from the transfer discounts as the Chinese mainland users do and use the AlipayHK APP to pay with QR codes in Shanghai.

Shanghai Juss Group's transportation card company and AlipayHK developed this service on the AlipayHK app in response to Shanghai's increased openness to better serve international visitors.

With over 20 million registered users, the Shanghai Public Transportation QR code serves over 2 million people each day. Meanwhile, the AlipayHK app has more than 5 million registered users and is one of Hong Kong's leading mobile payment platforms.

AlipayHK is the first overseas payment program to work with Shanghai Public Transportation's QR code.

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