'Shanghai Summer' international consumption season to stage

Shen Mengdan
After this year's Double Five Shopping Festival, the first "Shanghai Summer" international consumption season, from July to October, will be launched to attract tourists.
Shen Mengdan

The annual Shanghai shopping festival, along with a batch of consumption-promoting international events, will kick off in late April, turning Shanghai into a magnet attracting tourists from all over the world.

The 5th Shanghai Double Five Shopping Festival this year, from late April to the end of June, will focus on boosting foreign consumption, improving the shopping and tourism experience of foreign visitors, and promoting the integration of goods and services consumption.

"This year's shopping festival will focus on promoting the night economy and brand economy, boosting service consumption, automobile consumption, and green consumption," Zhu Min, director of the Shanghai Commission of Commerce, said.

Themed festivals like the Shanghai Nightlife Festival, Shanghai International Coffee Culture Festival, and Shanghai Global Gourmet Festival, together with more than 1,000 related special events will be held.

In addition, airports, airlines, high-speed railways, travel platforms, and tax refund stores will cooperate during the shopping festival, providing domestic and overseas travelers with a convenient consumption environment.

'Shanghai Summer' international consumption season to stage

The city's offline daily consumption reached 8 billion yuan (US$1 billion) during the first month of the 4th Shanghai Double Five shopping festival on June 2, 2023.

China Eastern Airlines will create an "Air Express" between Shanghai and many popular cities, neighboring countries, and regions, distribute more than 200,000 special air tickets, and launch preferential packages combining air tickets, hotels, and car rental services.

Trip.com will launch the "Free Half-Day Shanghai Tour for Inbound Tourists" campaign, providing inbound transit travelers with special-themed itineraries, including bus transfers to and from the airport, professional foreign language guides, and discounted airfare.

Bank of China will join hands with more than 300 departure tax refund merchants and 1,000-plus merchants in key business districts to offer shopping benefits and discounts.

Specialized city guidebooks will also be distributed to visitors, covering not only monthly events in Shanghai but also special shopping districts, neighborhoods, and trendy landmarks.

Shanghai will also host activities for the trading of used home appliances. Enterprises like Haier and Hisense will offer consumers services like one-stop modification and door-to-door recycling.

Several world-renowned brands will also make their global debut in Shanghai. For example, Louis Vuitton will hold its women's 2024 early fall show at the Shanghai Long Museum. Balenciaga will launch its Spring 25 collection in the city.

'Shanghai Summer' international consumption season to stage

Last June, the Shanghai Nightlife Festival kicked off at the bfc Shanghai Bund Financial Center mall with the popular weekend night market.

Unlike previous years, this year's Double Five shopping festival will be followed by a new project to lure tourists.

This year will see the launch of the first "Shanghai Summer" international consumption season, lasting from the first weekend in July to the second weekend in October.

A total of 65 high-quality concerts, music festivals, cultural performances, fine arts exhibitions, and major sporting events are planned.

Heavyweight events like the Ancient Egyptian Civilization Exhibition, the City Walk Pro Shanghai City Experience Season, the first Shanghai International Cruise Festival, the 2024 Shanghai Tourism Festival, and Shanghai ATP1000 Tennis Masters will be held during the "Shanghai Summer".

More detailed information about the "Shanghai Summer" can be found later on the "Suishenban" app.

"This summer, Shanghai will be a city of joy. Everyone is welcome," Zhu said.

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