Drunk driver kills 2, injures 4

BMW burst into flames when a 23-year-old woman driving a Maserati crashed into it which was waiting for a green light.
Drunk driver kills 2, injures 4

A clip of video captured by a surveillance camera shows a Maserati rear-ends a BMW in Henan Province.

Two people were killed and four critically injured when a BMW burst into flames after being rear-ended by a Maserati driven by a drunk driver in Yongcheng, a city in central Henan Province, on July 3, police said.

The accident happened at 10:42pm near the intersection of Donghuan and Yongxing roads when a 23-year-old woman, surnamed Tan, drove her car into the BMW which was waiting for a green light. The collision caused the BMW to lunge forward more than 10 meters before bursting into flames, according to Yongcheng police.

Two male passengers in the BMW were killed while the driver suffered serious burns. All three people in the Maserati were seriously injured. The injured are being treated in a local hospital’s ICU. All three people in the Maserati have been placed under criminal coercive measures by police.

Before crashing into the BMW, Tan’s car had collided with some other vehicles on the road before people had stopped her. But Tan started the car again and drove off, police said.

According to a China Central Television report on Monday, one passenger in the Maserati, surnamed Zhang, told police they had previously had a bottle of red wine, two bottles of Japanese sake and some beer at a barbecue restaurant. She had suggested they get a designated driver but no one had turned up and, at 10:23pm, Tan drove away from the restaurant.

Tests showed that Tan had twice the permitted amount of alcohol in her blood. 

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