60-year-old cycling enthusiast rides over 5600 km to Mt. Qomolangma

"Mount Qomolangma is not only lofty and grand, and I feel so grateful for my decision to ride all the way here."

When finally arrived at the base camp of Mount Qomolangma in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region on Wednesday, Fu Qisheng couldn't hold back his tears and took many photos with his black bike in front of the mountain.

"Mount Qomolangma is not only lofty and grand, and I feel so grateful for my decision to ride all the way here," Fu, who has just returned to Lhasa and is resting there, told Xinhua reporter on the phone.

Fu, 60, is a resident of Yinchuan, capital city of northwest China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. He has been a cycling enthusiast for many years, but in the past he could only ride to work or travel by bike on weekends and public holidays. In 2019, he retired and thus had more time for cycling.

"I've probably cycled around 10,000 kilometers per year these past three years. Riding bike not only gave me chance to see the beautiful rivers and mountains around China, but also build up my body," he said.

It has always been Fu's dream to go to Lhasa by bike. After over half year's preparation, the man bid farewell to his family and friends, and set off alone on May 22, 2021.

"I rode about tens of kilometers to more than 100 kilometers per day and along the way, I had encountered rainy days, foggy days and windy days, which made me very tired sometimes," he said.

It took Fu 82 days to get to Mount Qomolangma, with a total mileage of 5,600 kilometers, passing through six provinces and regions, such as Gansu, Sichuan, Yunnan and Tibet.

The biggest difficulty is climbing mountains at a high altitude. "There is severe lack of oxygen and you are far away from the pass, which can make anyone desperate and even collapse," Fu said.

Fu believes it was his scientific training and preparation that enabled him to overcome those difficulties and cycled to the destination.

Starting from October last year, besides cycling, Fu would run several kilometers every week. By the end of this April, he ran 15 kilometers four times a week. "You can never succeed without good preparation, " he said.

During the riding journey, Fu posted what he saw and heard on social media and attracted many followers.

"My family, friends and cyclists from all over the country all gave me great encouragement and support. Without them, I might not have finished this ride," said Fu.

For the future, Fu has many plans. "Cycling has become an indispensable part of my life, and I will continue riding every year and hope to realize my dream of riding around China as soon as possible," he said.

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