Meteor shower lights up the new year sky

Li Qian
Shooting stars flied overhead during the annual Quadrantid meteor shower in the wee hours this morning. It was one of the three major meteor showers in the Northern Hemisphere.
Li Qian
Shot by Li Qian. Edited by Li Qian. Subtitles by Li Qian.

The first working day in the new year has kicked off with a meteor shower. The Quadrantid meteor shower peaked around 4am to 5am this morning, which dazzled stargazers as well as comforted those who had nightmares and lost sleep, and were put under coronavirus quarantine.

It was one of three major meteor showers in the Northern Hemisphere, with the other two being the Perseids in August and the Geminids in December. Besides, the Earth is closest to the sun today. Tonight, the waxing crescent moon and Mercury will appear close together in the sky, according to the Shanghai Astronomy Museum.

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