Lucky numbers help 28-year-old win largest-ever lottery jackpot

Zhang Chaoyan
Man from southwest China's Guizhou Province claims 680 million yuan (US$94.52) jackpot after staying up all night with excitement when he learned of his luck in the lottery draw.
Zhang Chaoyan
Lucky numbers help 28-year-old win largest-ever lottery jackpot

The announcement of winners in the Chinese double chromosphere lottery.

A 28-year-old man from Guizhou Province in southwest China has claimed a historic 680 million yuan (US$94.52 million) lottery jackpot, marking the largest-ever win in the country's lottery market.

The official China Welfare Lottery website reported that the winning numbers for the latest Chinese double chromosphere lottery were drawn on Thursday night.

The man, surnamed Duan (a pseudonym), bought two jackpot lottery numbers 133 times at a lottery outlet in Anshun a city in Guizhou.

Duan said he was on top of the world when he learned he had won. "I was so excited that I stayed up the whole night and drove straight to Guiyang at dawn to receive the award."

Duan explained his strategy, saying: "I carefully analyzed the winning trends, selected numbers based on them, and combined them with my lucky numbers. I then consistently purchased lottery tickets with these numbers in succession."

"I will share the exciting news with my family during Chinese New Year," Duan added.

Prior to this, the highest prize in China's lottery market was the 570 million yuan double chromosphere prize awarded in 2012. The 680 million yuan lottery prize is the 40th lottery prize over 100 million yuan since the Chinese double chromosphere lottery was launched.

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