Online influencer accused of exam cheating apologizes for breaking rules unknowingly

Li Jiaohao
Beijing Film Academy cancels exam scores and qualifications of Li Minxuan, who has over 6 million online followers, for violating exam regulations by revealing her name.
Li Jiaohao

A teenage online influencer embroiled in an exam cheating scandal has apologized for the unknowing breach of exam rules, leading to her scores being canceled by China's top acting academy.

Li Minxuan, 18, from Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, wore light-colored clothing, instead of the required dark training attire when attending an exam at the Beijing Film Academy.

Li said in a video published late on Tuesday that she did not carefully read the instructions about the applicants' dress code. "I didn't realize that I had violated the rules at that time."

She said she was "sorry for breaking the rules and letting down her fans that have supported her," according to the video clip. Li has more than 6 million followers on the Chinese social platforms of Douyin and Xiaohongshu.

Li Minxuan posted a video to respond to the accusations of cheating in the acting exam at the Beijing Film Academy.

She also revealed her identity during the exam, which also violated the rules at the site.

"During the self-introduction section, I was so nervous when it was my turn that I accidentally mentioned my name," she added.

The academy's enrollment office told The Beijing News that the school had canceled the scores of Li and two other candidates for disclosing their names during the exam.

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