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The shape of sound: Tang and his guitar making journey

Handcrafted guitar making requires a series of complicated processes and, more importantly, complete patience and concentration.

Creative souls and the gurgling stream: an artist's life in quiet Longtan

Longtan Village is a place far removed from the superficialities that plague city living, where convenience stores are closer to a figment of one's imagination than reality. 

Making qipao: Shanghai's favorite dress

Qipao is a traditional dress which was popular with Chinese women from the 1920s to the 1940s, and Shanghai is the place where it all originated.

A maestro who nurtures 'different voices'

German conductor and composer Robert Zollitsch, better known as Lao Luo in China, has been a prominent figure on the Chinese music scene for years.

In love with an ancient art

Qiao Mai, who is in her 30s, is one of the best-known Taohuawu New Year's print artists and considers the art form her Mr Right. 

Cutting paper dragons: craftsmanship and art together

Cai Defu, a man of 67, has been working as a paper-cutting artist throughout his life.

Can old opera genre forge new generation of music aficionados?

Shanghai Yueju Opera Troupe is recruiting young people as the performers of tomorrow. It is also experimenting with adaptations of modern themes to appeal to younger audiences.

Research adds color to Shao's life

An assistant professor at Shanghai Theater Academy is fascinated by the effect that plants and ancient dyeing techniques had on ancient culture.

Turning the tide on an ebbing art

Musical storytelling, once the mainstay of entertainment, has fallen victim to modern distractions. One performer is trying to revive the old art form and attract young audiences.

More young Chinese men are discovering the utility of makeup

Personally, I think that if a guy has blemishes or spots or uneven complexion, then why not use products to cover that up and look a bit more healthy?