Big Little Docos

A pen mightier than the cellphone

Shanghai's Hero writing implements have borne witness to the China's development and played an important role in many historic events.

Mom's most important years, the first three

Daisy, now 37 years old, became a stay-at-home mother after her second daughter was born in 2017. 

A rare and pricey fish, served in a multitude of tantalizing ways

The knifefish is a pricey ingredient that happens to be in season right about now. Knifefish dishes are only available for a limited time, normally during March and early April.

A chemical consultant with a passion for birds and mud

On many sunny days, Kai Pflug gets up around 5am, sometimes much earlier, and drives to Nanhui, carrying his big camera with a huge lens.

A startup providing solutions not problems

Wind Lion, a company specializing in environmental protection technology, is located in an old three-storey building near Tongji University in Yangpu District. 

Apprentice's evolution into inkstone master

Ding Weiming, 63, is an inkstone sculptor at the downtown Shanghai Arts and Crafts Museum on Fenyang Road. He has been working in the area for almost 40 years.

How far we've come: Looking back on transportation in 1980s Shanghai

In the 1980s, stagnant traffic, overstuffed housing and a collapsing environment were the three major problems perplexing Shanghai people.

Engraving past and present on Shanghai's Liyuan Road

Xiang Wenjun, 48, has been a seal carver for nearly 30 years. For him, seal carving is not only a job, but also a lifelong pursuit.

Shanghai Entrepreneurs: The man behind Molly Box

Ju Yi is an owner of a company with more than 30 employees and more than 10 cats. Founded in 2015, the company features specialized services for cats and dogs.

Heritage lanterns to light up festival night in Baoshan

Zhu Lingbao, 77 years old, a lantern artist in northern Shanghai, will present the most wonderful lanterns he has ever created with his team for the coming Lantern Festival.