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Master restorers: The husband and wife team bringing ancient art back to life

For his workmanship and devotion to preserving valuable Chinese art legacies, Li was among the first workers in the city honored with the title of "Shanghai Standout."

Closed for good: The last of the musical dinosaurs

"Classic Music Store," a record shop that had been in the narrow dead-end at 64 Fenyang Road for 14 years, closed for good on November 18.

Doctor with somebody else's interests at heart

Dr Liu Jinfen has performed and saved the lives of thousands of children. Liu's life is dedicated to the welfare of others and his story is truly heart-warming.

Public toilets where you don't have to hold your nose

One sanitation worker in the city has led the way in transforming restrooms into clean, odor-free facilities that are beautiful, welcoming and a joy to use.

From playing in streets of Accra to Shanghai, coach is pitch perfect

Isaac Asare, football director of a sports club in Changning District, is at his happiest coaching youngsters on how to play the game and cultivate positive habits.

The fabric of Chongming cultural heritage is homespun

For Chongming women, homespun fabric is more than just the stuff of making clothes. It also serves as a dowry, a diary and a history.

Forging iron: the time-honored skill being lost to history

Zhu Atao is one of the few blacksmiths still working with iron, but the knowledge and skill required to make iron objects by hand is slowly, but surely, dying.

The Canadian and his traditional Chinese instruments

Having long been fascinated by Chinese folk music, Canadian musician Jeremy Moyer loves to play traditional Chinese instruments.

Taiwanese Pudong resident reflects on her life and the district's changes

Returning to Shanghai in the following century, Christine saw her personal shift from student to mother and wife mirrored by the change that Shanghai had likewise undergone.

Li Jing and his wall of round fans

A wall full of round, hand-made fans, a big, wooden carving table and a traditional wooden Chinese weaving machine...