Wang Rongjiang


Moments of February: Shanghai through the lens

A monthly photo collection that documents our city life through the photographers' lenses. 

More families bid farewell to historical Zhangyuan

More families bid farewell to their homes at the historical Zhangyuan last weekend. Shine photographer Wang Rongjiang documented the moments with bittersweet tears.

Moments in January

Shine photographers got out and about in the metropolis capturing special moments in the run-up to the most important celebration of the year.  

A photo is worth a thousand words, but what about two?

Shanghai Daily photographer Wang Rongjiang paired up the photos he took in the past year. A photo is worth a thousand words, but what about two?

Shadows shift in Shanghai's wind of change

China embarked on a policy of economic reform and opening up to the outside world 40 years ago, ushering in a dramatic new era of change that touched every aspect of our life.

Moving house the hard way

The move of a 116-year-old townhouse complex in Yangpu District began this week.

Capturing essence of season in transition

Autumn is the best time to appreciate Shanghai's colorful foliage and enjoy the beautiful views. 

Nostalgic trip charting 40 years of change

Shine photographers take a closer look at the evolution of the city in the past four decades.

Shanghai Art Fair raises curtain

The 22nd Shanghai Art Fair is held from November 8-11 at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center. 

Nostalgic look back over 40 years of reform

Under the system of a planned economy, apartments allocated by the government couldn't be traded. The only way to upgrade living standards or conditions was to exchange.