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City's zoo helping to save the rhino

Since 2007, two southern white rhinos have been living in Shanghai Zoo's rhino pavilion, Qiangqiang, a male, and female Amei both came from South Africa at the age of 3.

Ground Zero: saving elephants

In and around Tanzania's Selous Game Reserve, where some of the world's worst poaching has happened, numerous wildlife veterinarians are doing their best to save elephants. 

Hong Kong 'doggie dash' raises funds for abandoned pooches

While the laneless race track proved a little confusing for some pets, others happily scampered across the finishing line into the hands of their owners.

Pampered pooches fly high

Ding Dong and Fun Fun, a pair of 12-year-old Yorkshire terriers, know how to enjoy the high life.

UN reports foresee bleak future

Earth is losing plants, animals and clean water at a dramatic rate, according to four new United Nations scientific reports. 

Take a walk on New York's wild side

From coyotes in the Bronx to red foxes in Queens, raccoons in Manhattan, owls in Brooklyn and deer in Staten Island, wildlife roams the urban jungle of New York.

Activists stage high-tech anti-trafficking war

From cutting-edge DNA barcoding to smartphone apps that can identify illegal wildlife sales, conservationists are turning to high-tech tools in their anti-trafficking battle.

Revealed: the real lives of wolves, foxes

Keepers at Shanghai Zoo share some interesting behind-the-scene stories about the alpha wolf's persistence in love, the fennec fox's trick and the maned wolf's appetite for fruits.

IVF is last hope to save northern white rhino

A global team of scientists and conservationists is pushing ahead with an ambitious effort to save northern white rhinos from extinction.

Adopting a rescued animal can be a real life changer

When Zongzi, a Bedlington terrier, first arrived at Sherry Xiao's home in May 2017, he was confused by toys and didn't know how to play.