Chinese Antiques

The ancient arts and crafts of China, for centuries, have attracted international attention for their intricacy and subtlety. From porcelain to jade, furniture, paintings and screens and scrolls, they embody the essence of Chinese history and culture. This series explores some of the best examples of Chinese antiques.
Art & Culture

The Kitchen God and traditional stove art

In about two weeks, the Kitchen God, or Stove God, will return to the heaven and gives an annual report on every household to the Jade Emperor. 
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Old badges reveal history, character of Chinese schools

Coming from primary schools to universities in all sorts of shapes, the school badges collected by Ye Wenhan tell the history and mottos of schools across China. 
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Designer homes for our feathered friends

Yan Hujin, 82, has been making birdcages for more than 40 years. The legendary  and philanthropic man revived the iced-plum-roof birdcage, a technique lost for around 200 years.

The fabric of Chongming cultural heritage is homespun

For Chongming women, homespun fabric is more than just the stuff of making clothes. It also serves as a dowry, a diary and a history.
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Sandalwood fans: staying sweet and cool

Sandalwood fans offer not only thermal comfort and the visual enjoyment, but also a pleasant fragrance.
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Seconds out as season for cricket fighting arrives

The tradition of raising crickets to fight and enjoy their singing is deeply rooted in Chinese culture. The popularity of cricket rearing promotes the art of making cricket pots.
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Beauty in black and white

Cizhou ware is known for its black-and-white contrasting colors and vigorous motifs. Vases, jars, bowls and especially pillows, it was mainly manufactured as utilitarian objects
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The art of clay teapots

Tea wares need to be practical, but it can also delight the eyes.
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Reflections of life in ancient times

With their 4,000-year history, bronze mirrors were used as utensils, ornaments, tokens of love, gifts, religious items in Taoism and burial objects in ancient China.
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In love with an ancient art

Qiao Mai, who is in her 30s, is one of the best-known Taohuawu New Year's print artists and considers the art form her Mr Right.