Half the Sky

Chairman Mao Zedong famously said that “women hold up half the sky” in a pronouncement on equality. International Women’s Day falls on March 8 amid a renewed global focus on the equal rights of women. This series talks to some of the women in Shanghai who are making their mark in what has been a man’s world.

Globetrotter indulges insatiable wanderlust

Many people think travel writer must be endless fun. But it's not. A job is a job, and this one can be tough at times.

Women getting hooked on rock climbing

"I want people to cast aside their stereotypes of rock climbing as a man's sport and just get out and enjoy it."

A high-flying job, a dream come true

After designing scaffold for aircraft assembly lines for 18 months, Le Yafei applied for a training program that was to select the first group of test flight engineers.

A cultural envoy making a difference

Li Jingjing decided to abandon a successful career and a high salary to become an ambassador for cross-cultural exchanges.

The painstaking job of preserving the historic past

DONG Yasha is young but her interest is in things far beyond her age. She works in the restoration of old buildings, a profession more traditionally occupied by men.

15 outstanding women honored

 15 outstanding women to be honored with "Shanghai Women's Innovation Award."

On a mission for world peace

Zhang Zixuan joined the world's first permanent peacekeeping police force set up in China. She was one of the first seven female university students to join the force.

Athlete becomes crackerjack SWAT woman police officer

Chen Cheng, a retired modern pentathlon athlete, has turned her sporting prowess into fighting crime.

Caring hands that win over animals

Gu Jianping has worked at Shanghai Zoo for 28 years, looking after elephants, pandas, zebras and treating them "as one of her own."