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Concept cars star at Shanghai auto show

Zhu Shenshen
Concept cars debuting at the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition offer smart systems and environmental protection.
Zhu Shenshen
Concept cars star at Shanghai auto show
Dong Jun / SHINE

Nissan debuted concept cars the IMs and IMq at the show. 

Concept cars debuting at the ongoing Shanghai auto show represent new trends in mobility, electrification and autonomous driving, offering smart systems and environmental protection.

BMW showed off its Vision iNext  concept car at the International Automobile Industry Exhibition, a vision of how driving may be in 2021. It is all-electric, highly automated and fully connected.

BMW has a self-driving lab in Shanghai and has conducted on-road tests for Level 4 autonomous driving, the second highest of five levels.

For the first time in Asia, Japan's Infiniti gave a glimpse of its concept car, the Qs Inspiration. It is an all-electric sports sedan. Infiniti brands will soon be manufactured in China, designed for the domestic market.

Nissan debuted electric concept cars the IMs and IMq. The IMs is 100 percent electric powered with an autonomous mode for hands-free driving.

The Nissan Sylphy showcases intelligent mobility technology and features seamless smartphone connectivity and intelligent voice commands. Drivers will be assisted to avoid hazardous situations by systems including an intelligent emergency brake.

China is the global leader in car electrification, with huge demand and strong innovation. Digital mobility, electrification and autonomous cars are three “revolutions” in the auto industry, said Valeo, an auto parts company from France.

The show is open to the public until Thursday.

Concept cars star at Shanghai auto show

Infiniti gave its Asia debut to concept car the Qs Inspiration, an all-electric sports sedan. 

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