Tailored services initiated to optimize business environment in Minhang

Hu Min
Minhang District's new enterprise service center is using digital solutions to optimize everything from operation permits, business licenses, inspection results and food safety.
Hu Min
Tailored services initiated to optimize business environment in Minhang
Ti Gong

Minhang District's enterprise service center is unveiled on Wednesday.

Shanghai's Minhang District mapped out a number of measures covering various sectors such as services for enterprises and digital empowerment on Wednesday, to optimize its business environment and boost high-quality economic development this year.

Among them, a service package tailored for talent, preferential human resources and social security policies will be launched to help enterprises tackle difficulties.

Efforts will be beefed up to bridge platforms for the exchange of high-end professionals in the district.

The district has also merged various information such as operation permits, business licenses, and inspection results of enterprises into single QR codes, improving the efficiency of supervision and management with easy access to information through simple scanning.

The practice was trialled in the amusement park industry late last year, and will be expanded to convenience stores, pharmacies, and spas in the district this year.

It will eventually be introduced to all industries in the district.

Tailored services initiated to optimize business environment in Minhang
Ti Gong

The conference in Minghang District

One-stop service from landholding to operation licenses will be offered in the project construction field, in the district.

Application of digital tools will be prioritized using big data to improve the business environment.

The district's "cloud" center featuring smart supervision and management mode will be upgraded to deepen digital empowerment and enhance digital applications.

The center will enable personalized services for enterprises based on their real demands and remote law enforcement, and will enhance food safety supervision and management.

Business venue registration of materials for market entities have been simplified in the district, and more market entities are expected to benefit from the trial this year.

The Hongqiao Central Business District will be developed into a highland of business featuring international trade.

The district will speed up the establishment of a business environment and mechanisms that suit high-quality economic development, and push its business environment to a higher level, said Chen Yujian, Party secretary of Minhang District.

The district's enterprise service center was unveiled on Wednesday.

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