Innovative enterprises inject growth vitality into Qingpu

Hu Min
Qingpu honored companies and startups for their contributions to the district while announcing several initiatives to improve the business environment.
Hu Min
Innovative enterprises inject growth vitality into Qingpu
Ti Gong

Awards are given to innovative startups based in Qingpu District.

HiSilicon (Shanghai) Technologies, Durr Paintshop Systems Engineering (Shanghai) and ZTO Express are among the 100 companies that Qingpu District recognized for their great contributions.

These 100 firms paid 13.18 billion yuan (US$1.92 billion) in tax last year, accounting for 26.8 percent of the total.

The district's economic output last year amounted to 133.4 billion yuan, and its public budget revenue was 21.8 billion yuan.

Despite COVID-19, Qingpu witnessed growth in express delivery, green financing and software information industries last year, while the Yangtze River Delta Ecology and Greenery Integration Demonstration Zone, Hongqiao Central Business District and Qingpu New City are developing in full swing.

Innovative enterprises inject growth vitality into Qingpu
Ti Gong

The district also announced a series of initiatives to improve its business environment, including:

  • Digital tools will be put in place to carry out administrative reforms.
  • More communication of service and policy explanation will be provided.
  • A one-minute response to online requests will be ensured.
  • Electronic receipts and implement tax minimization policies will be trialed.
  • More staff will serve SMEs.
  • Financing service for businesses will be made more efficient and smooth.
  • Reforms in business licence will be expanded.
  • Intellectual property protection will be strengthened, and unified registration standards and procedures for company launch will be implemented throughout the Yangtze River Delta region.

"The goal is to encourage and support innovation and entrepreneurship, and inject power into the district's high-quality development," said Sun Ting, deputy director of Qingpu District.

Durr Paintshop Systems Engineering (Shanghai) Co Ltd has been operating in Qingpu District for 18 years.

"The booming development of new-energy vehicles significantly boosted our business last year," said Jiang Ming, a company representative.

"The district government has been very supportive," he said. "When we have problems, we talk directly with relevant departments, and they are always ready to help."

With the government support, the company did not halt production during Shanghai's two-month lockdown last year.

"The roles of government officials have shifted to service, and a stable, fair and transparent environment is a big encouragement for all businesses," Jiang said.

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