Deputy suggests more policies to attract overseas Chinese talent

Zhu Shenshen
The overseas Chinese community should be further mobilized to attract capital and talent for the city's development.
Zhu Shenshen

Shanghai should better mobilize the overseas Chinese community to attract capital and talent for the city's development, an SPC deputy said.

And related policies should be expanded citywide.

Shanghai has become one of the biggest hometowns for overseas Chinese due to its unique geographical and economic status, said Ren Lei, a Shanghai People's Congress deputy.

"Shanghai should take advantage of this, making it better benefit the improvement of the city's business environment via inviting talented professionals to support development in Shanghai," Ren said.

Shanghai should strengthen service facilitation for overseas talent, reducing the time required for the identification of talent and the processing of various matters, covering tax payment and social and culture demands, Ren suggested.

Shanghai may also provide overseas talent with a "one-card" list of services in the areas of health care and education, and providing specialized guidance services.

Such support policies have been implemented in selected areas including Zhangjiang and Lingang, while Ren as a lawmaker also benefited.

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