Digital services to boost global trade and E-commerce Silk Road trade

Zhu Shenshen
The CIIE's releases fit well with the national strategies covering high-standard opening-up and boosting modern "E-commerce Silk Road" initiatives.
Zhu Shenshen
Digital services to boost global trade and E-commerce Silk Road trade
Ti Gong

Local service platforms are awarded for their contributions to global trade at the CIIE.

Chinese digital service platforms, covering logistics, finance and cross-border trade, are revealing products and services targeting global markets, in the ongoing 6th China International Import Expo.

The new releases fit well with the national strategies covering high standard opening-up and boosting modern "E-commerce Silk Road."

YQN, a Shanghai-based global logistics digital service provider, released upgraded Integrated Logistics Solutions, which is a professional and flexible sea freight and warehousing, and last-mile delivery services.

Founded eight years ago, YQN now has 25 global branches and 1,500 employees covering Latin America, Southeast Asia, North America and other countries and regions. It operates more than 40,000 SKUs of logistic products, covering ocean freight, overseas warehouses, and cross-border e-commerce logistics.

With business upgrades, YQN will offer more customized services and increase freight capacities in Belt and Road regions. For example, it will operate new direct services in Brazil, Chile and expanded services in Argentina and Columbia, filling the capacity gap in China, the company said in its CIIE booth.

Digital services to boost global trade and E-commerce Silk Road trade
Ti Gong

FinVolution's Chen Lei (second from right) shared the vision for online finance development in overseas markets, in a CIIE panel.

Shanghai-based online finance platform FinVolution also shared its visions in a KPMG forum, at the CIIE.

"Chinese tech firms should not depend on price advantages only in overseas markets. Instead, technical business accumulation and full localization are key factors today," said Chen Lei, FinVolution's vice president and head of Big Data and AI division.

Since the debut of its overseas business, New York-listed FinVolution's overseas business has become a growth engine, contributing 16 percent of its total revenue. It has become a leading FinTech platform in Southeast Asia, with AI-powered communication tool Blu AI, in 18 online platforms in five countries in Southeast and Latin America.

It's noteworthy that many local platforms are multi-time CIIE attendants, which enjoy CIIE's spillover effects.

Totally 30 platforms were awarded by CIIE organizers for their contributions to connect business and trade in China and the world. They include Xiaohongshu (Red), Alibaba's Freshippo and Huifu.

Digital services to boost global trade and E-commerce Silk Road trade
Zhu Shenshen / SHINE

A Metaverse exhibition system, targeting global trade, made its debut in Hall 8.2, at the CIIE.

Shanghai-based Huifu offers digital payment services including cross-border services for e-commerce and trade. It meets various cross-border funding needs in import and export e-commerce business, and helps domestic companies expand the global market and foreign companies participate in Chinese markets, with clients like Shein and Tmall Global. Its international business now covers 100 countries and regions.

A Metaverse cross-border exhibition and communications service made its debut at the OSELL booth, at the CIIE. The system, called DBIM (do business in Metaverse) allows firms and organizations to build a Metaverse style exhibition easily, and keep it open forever if needed.

In the system, people can test products and communicate with clients and customer service staff through clicks. AI-powered communication systems with translation and trade tools, and other customized services are available in DBIM, which can be used for exhibitions, trade, culture, social media and entertainment.

It can save costs in time and business trips, and boost "E-commerce Silk Road" trade, Shanghai Daily learned.

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