Qingpu benefits from CIIE spillover, with some exhibitors starting operation in the district

Hu Min
The CIIE has provided foreign-funded companies an opportunity to experience the business environment in the Yangtze River Delta, with several companies set to begin operation.
Hu Min
Qingpu benefits from CIIE spillover, with some exhibitors starting operation in the district
Hu Min / SHINE

Two staffers conducts gemstone identification at the 6th CIIE.

A spillover effect of the ongoing 6th China International Import Expo has been witnessed in Qingpu District, the hosting venue of the event.

It houses the National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC) where the expo is being held.

Seven companies were granted the first batch of business licenses on the first day of the expo, and will begin business operation in Qingpu.

They span different sectors such as logistics, food, supply chain, digital development and jewellery.

Among them, Zmpery Gemlab, a matching service provider for gemstone identification at the expo, is a new comer to the event.

"We're ready to conduct business in the West Hongqiao Business District. It's a very beautiful and attractive business environment," said Li Mingqin, a representative from the lab.

Li said it only took one week to obtain the business license.

"We're astonished over the efficiency. It exceeded our expectations," she said.

Dietmar Schwarz, chief scientist of the lab, has brought cutting-edge gemological research achievements to the expo.

"China has become the biggest market for gem stones, and we're here to present our achievements and promote lab infrastructure to the world," he said.

Qingpu benefits from CIIE spillover, with some exhibitors starting operation in the district
Ti Gong

New innovation debuts at the Expo

SIRIO Pharma, whose research and development center is located in the Yangtze River Delta Hi-Tech Park in Zhaoxiang Town of Qingpu, attended the CIIE for the second year with innovative products.

More than 50 innovative results from the company, such as DHA algae gel candy, and blood protein polypeptide fermented ginseng drinks are currently featured.

As the implementation of the "Healthy China 2030" strategy continues to intensify in China, the company said it believed that high-quality dietary supplements will become the next big push for industrial growth. It will continue to draw support from the innovative, open platforms of the CIIE, and invest more in technological innovation.

During the expo, letters of intent for cooperation were signed between the company and a number of potential partners.

The Yangtze River Delta region, the most active and open region, with the strongest innovative power in China in terms of its economic development, is home to tens of thousands of industrial parks.

In recent years, the Yangtze River Delta Hi-Tech Park has been in full swing with the development of a science and innovation center in the Yangtze River Delta region, and has accelerated the integration of different science and technology innovation resources and factors, to create an entrepreneurship incubation ecosystem.

Covering 420 mu of land, it has housed more than 220 companies with a combined tax revenue surpassing 660 million yuan (US$90.72 million), and 19 of them are exhibitors at the CIIE.

Qingpu has become a magnet for foreign-funded enterprises, benefiting from the spillover effect of the expo.

Between 2018 and 2022, the new foreign direct investment of Qingpu grew to US$900 million from US$619 million with an annual growth rate of 7.7 percent, and new foreign investment projects soared to 235 last year from 105 in 2018.

Trading delegations from Qingpu signed the first order of the Shanghai trading group for six consecutive years at CIIE, with trading volume surpassing US$2.13 billion and procurement order of intention worth over US$5.15 billion.

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