Jiao Tong University opens new schools for psychology and AI

Yang Meiping
Shanghai Jiao Tong University opened a psychology and AI school that will draw from the university's various disciplines to address public health concerns.
Yang Meiping

Shanghai Jiao Tong University opened a new school on Monday to enhance public health through psychology education and AI applications.

To foster cross-disciplinary talent, the school will combine the university's strengths in several areas such as medical science, artificial intelligence, computer science, and engineering, as well as languages, management, education, sports, aerospace, and navigation.

It will also look into AI's applications in psychological counseling, psychotherapy, and emotion recognition.

It will focus on three main areas: "clinical and health psychology" for clinical research and health promotion; "brain and cognitive sciences" for integrating cutting-edge technologies in the fields of artificial intelligence and computer science to explore the cognitive mechanism and intelligent development of the human brain; and "management and social psychology," which will pay attention to psychological phenomena and management problems in social changes and provide psychological support and advice for enterprises and social organizations.

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