Lingang Contemporary Art Museum showcases young artists

Wang Jie
The 'We are the City' exhibition shows the winning works of 'Discovering Creativity New Generation — 2023 Youth Visual Creation Competition.'
Wang Jie
Lingang Contemporary Art Museum showcases young artists

'Time Tunnel' by Zhang Jiahe

Supported by the Institute of Management in Arts and Design, with the Shanghai Young Artists and Photographers Association, and the Children's Artistic Committee of the Shanghai Artists Association, "We are the City" is showing at the Lingang Contemporary Art Museum through February 29.

The exhibition brings the winning works of the "Discovering Creativity New Generation — 2023 Youth Visual Creation Competition" that drew nearly 200 entries around the country.

The competition centered on three subjects: "Science and Technology," "Humanities," and "Ecology," under three sections, namely "Smart City," "City Stories," and "Natural City."

The works on display include paintings, sculpture, photographs, graphic design, and new media.

According to the organizer, the event aims to encourage young people to show their artistic talents and creative potential from a diversified point of view.

Having grown up in a dynamic era, this young generation of artists uses their unique perspectives and creativity to show visitors a "young city" where reality and the ideal are intertwined. Here, the artists not only depict the city as it is, but also their imagination and expectations of the future of the city.

The participants are categorized into different levels, from kindergarten, primary school, and middle school to university groups.

For example, "My Youth in Shanghai" by Lai Xinjie of the university group, depicts a cluster of CDs and ticket stubs in black and white.

"Going to the theater and listening to bands have been my favorite ways of relaxation both in my high school days and campus days," she explained. "However, these entertainment forms become harder to access when I leave Shanghai. So I visually recorded these theater ticket stubs and CDs in my painting, because it leaves the traces of my growing up days in Shanghai where I can easily access them."

Lingang Contemporary Art Museum showcases young artists

'My Youth in Shanghai' by Lai Xinjie

Exhibit Info

Date: Through February 29 (closed on Mondays), 10am–5pm

Venue: Lingang Contemporary Art Museum

Address: 1/F, West Wing of Lingang Center, No.555 Haigang Avenue


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